Friday, February 10, 2017

My Favorite TV Series

My favorite TV Show would be Shameless at the moment; it's on Showtime, the channel. I first discovered it by seeing people post about the characters on Facebook. Then I went to look them up online, and that's when I discovered it had 7 seasons. The more seasons with many episodes, the better. I personally like a couple or more seasons because I like to watch all the episodes together. I watch theses episodes on a website where thee's tons of movies on it and I've watched many movies and series on it. When I get home the first thing I do is go back to where I left off. During school I watch some episodes here and there, but first of course, I do my school work. So far, I'm only on season 5 episode 7.
This type of TV show series is a relateable one. It's relatable because it goes through what some people would go through like money issues, grouchy teenagers, relationships, downfalls, and an alcoholic father who cares more about his drugs/beer than his kids. It might be inappropriate for some viewers, but with me I'm mature enough to watch what some adults would watch (that's just my opinion). If you're not into what people could be dealing with with their families in their hard times then don't watch this, but if you think you could care and learn bout what some people in this word go through, then I recommend watching this how. Also there's the same show but made in the U.K (United Kingdom), make sure to watch the one made in America.
The characters in this show are Fiona Gallagher (oldest girl), Lip Gallagher (short for Phillip), Ian Gallagher, Debbie Gallagher, Carl Gallagher, and Liam Gallagher (the youngest). They are a family who care deeply about each other and they help each other out a lot. They go through many ups and downs throughout the seasons. People have died, gone to jail, gotten married, and also had kids in this show. It's a great show because hey show what teenagers really go through and shows us a lot about responsibility. They show us how to be responsible because even though thy live in a house, they are very tight on money, and the 2 oldest kids are helping out with paying the bills, and taking care of the kids. I have learned a lot about them when it comes to similar situations and I like when they all come home together with love for one another.