Friday, October 21, 2016

Favorite Music

My favorite type of music is a variety of genres and types since I'm Hispanic and American. On a daily basis I go between Mexican/ Spanish music and Today's Hits Music on Pandora that I listen to everyday. The genres I like are the Spanish kind which are duraguense, cumbia, ranchera, tamborazo, bachata, and love songs. The love songs have a nice smooth tune which I like and they tell really good stories. The people I listen to about love songs are Marco Antonio Solice which he has a band called Los Bukis. One day I would like to see them in concert if they're still around. Also I like today's hits music which I listen to when I'm tired or bored and they get me into a good mood. I first got introduced Spanish music by my dad playing it all the time when i was little and i would dance at every dance we would go to and he would teach me some moves and i and I also learned from my cousins who also love to dance. That's how I started to like their type of music.