Friday, October 21, 2016

Favorite Music

My favorite type of music is a variety of genres and types since I'm Hispanic and American. On a daily basis I go between Mexican/ Spanish music and Today's Hits Music on Pandora that I listen to everyday. The genres I like are the Spanish kind which are duraguense, cumbia, ranchera, tamborazo, bachata, and love songs. The love songs have a nice smooth tune which I like and they tell really good stories. The people I listen to about love songs are Marco Antonio Solice which he has a band called Los Bukis. One day I would like to see them in concert if they're still around. Also I like today's hits music which I listen to when I'm tired or bored and they get me into a good mood. I first got introduced Spanish music by my dad playing it all the time when i was little and i would dance at every dance we would go to and he would teach me some moves and i and I also learned from my cousins who also love to dance. That's how I started to like their type of music.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Reflection On Place And Culture

There are many things that make me proud of being who I am. One thing that makes me proud is my Mexican culture. My Mexican culture is very influential and well-connected. We are very influential by influencing our new kids about our culture and our traditions. In our culture we teach them how to cook, clean, and to be neat. They can learn from grandparents, aunts/uncles, parents, and pretty much everyone who's willing to help teach them. For example the guys, they can learn how to do work in yards and fields so they can learn a good work ethic for when they become grown men to maintain their families. For the girls they can help clean around the house, do the laundry and dishes. We are all well connected by seeing each other on the weekends, for example, at parties and at church, too.
There are some things that I would change about our culture. For example I would change the way kids drop out of school to work out in the fields with their families to be able to provide for their families, too. As a 15 year old I would want them to get fully educated because when I look back and see how fully educated I was and am being right now, it makes me want to help them out and talk to them and tell them to not drop out because hopefully better things will come with full education. Also I would change the way people look at as. People look at us as if all of us were immigrants, cholos, and drug dealers. Truth is not all of us are like that. Some people are trying to save their families from not having food on the table and getting better education. They want their kids to have better education because they didn't have these opportunities when they were younger and they want their kids to have better life then they did.

About Me

My name is Jessica Bernal. I turned 15 years old on April 30th, 2016. I live in a little town called Scotia here in California, but soon moving to my grandmother's house near eureka called Fields Landing, also here in California. Throughout my childhood, I played a few sports growing up(I still do now) but a while ago fractured my ankle on my dads birthday on the 15th of January. During that time, I was playing basketball. The sports I play are basketball and softball. Since I broke my ankle I couldn't play softball. We are moving to Fields Landing because recently my grandma Sara had surgery. Since she lives alone, my parents decided that we all move into her house since there are 3 bedrooms. When I move I hope not to move schools too, but I would like to stay here because I think my education is going great and the teachers here are great! I go to Fortuna Union High School here in Fortuna, California. I live in the area of Humboldt County and the weather isn't too great over here compared to different places. Well up north towards Eureka it's mostly foggy or raining, but sometimes there's sunlight that comes through.
On the other hand my race is American, since I live in America, but I am bilingual and hispanic/ mexican, too. My parents are Latinos/ hispanics and so is the rest of my family. My parents come from Guanajuato and Guadalajara which are places in Mexico. Recently too, I had just found more about my family. I found out that my great great great grandpa and 2 of his brothers originated from Spain and wanted to live in different places so that their future families could experience different places. On their way over to the U.S.A, somehow one of my grandpas brothers had disappeared and since I just found out, I plan to find out more about him in the future. Apart from my whole family and my ethnicity, I want to talk about my little family that I live with at the moment. Currently I have 3 younger siblings, so that m akes me the oldest. My brother Ricardo(we call him Ricky for short) he's 8 years old and in 3rd grade, my sister Victoria she's 5 years old and just started kindergarten at Scotia Union School District (both go to same school) and the youngest one is Sophia and she is a 1 year old until, February 13.